Nick van der Zweep vice president of Strategy at Cloud Cruiser

Nick van der Zweep, vice president of Strategy at Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser for Rackspace Private Cloud Goes Live

Cloud Cruiser has announced support of its integrated financial management offering for Rackspace Private Cloud.

Cloud Cruiser has made another partnership deal to extend its cloud financial management solution. Although the company isn't new to OpenStack platforms, a new deal with Rackspace (RAX) will push its cloud financials offering further into that open source cloud space.

The company first started supporting OpenStack with its cost management tools back in 2011. This new partnership with Rackspace will further the existing support and integration with OpenStack, but now Cloud Cruiser is tackling the private cloud element, specifically.

Cloud Cruiser will provide an integrated offering to enterprises and cloud services providers that are implementing Rackspace Private Cloud infrastructure.

"OpenStack is the dominant open source platform," said Nick van der Zweep, vice president of Strategy at Cloud Cruiser, in a prepared statement. "Rackspace is the perfect partner to bring Cloud Cruiser's solution to the market to drive adoption."

A fair point. Interest in OpenStack clouds continues on an incline. And when it comes to the open source cloud computing platform, private cloud is where partners and customers are really focusing. According to a study released last fall by the OpenStack Foundation, OpenStack-based private cloud production instances far outnumber those of public cloud instances.

Providing financial insights into public clouds is certainly important, as there are so many variables for end customers to consider. But it's also critical for private clouds. And that's what Cloud Cruiser will provide for Rackspace Private Cloud—a financial management product that provides customers with multi-tenant billing, showback, chargeback, service pricing and decision analytics.

"Our customers are increasingly adopting OpenStack based cloud platforms and are asking for financial insights into those deployments," said John Igoe, vice president of Private Cloud at Rackspace, in a prepared statement. "We selected Cloud Cruiser to help enable our customers to run the business of their cloud more efficiently and profitably."

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