Christian Primeau president and COO of iWeb

Christian Primeau, president and COO of iWeb

iWeb Launches Microsoft Private Cloud Service

Cloud services provider iWeb has launched a Microsoft Private Cloud service to provide customers with scalable and dedicate private hosted infrastructure.

Cloud services provider iWeb has launched a Microsoft Private Cloud service, which the company noted was designed to "give businesses complete control and flexibility of their IT infrastructure."

The Microsoft (MSFT) Private Cloud offering enables customers to quickly add or scale up virtual servers when needed without having to deploy their own data centers or network infrastructure. iWeb is positioning the offering as a way for customers to use virtualization to build a software-defined data center (SDCC) hosted on iWeb's physical infrastructure.

The company noted some of the key features and functionality of the service, which include:

  • The ability for businesses to extend in-house data centers or move workloads to a hosted environment.
  • Alleviate in-house data center concerns regarding space, power and cooling.
  • Switch from capital expenditures to operational expenditures.
  • Take advantage of on-demand flexibility with virtualization and cloud.
  • Address data sovereignty issues by providing hosting with Canadian data centers.

Without exactly saying it, iWeb is marketing its new service on the perceived fear of National Security Agency (NSA) spying techniques. It's not a new strategy by companies in the Great White North, as other data center providers previously tried to capitalize on similar fears that surfaced because of U.S. Federal Government powers outlined under the USA Patriot Act.

"With businesses turning to the cloud more so than ever before, the Microsoft Private Cloud from iWeb provides the best of both worlds with cloud scalability on dedicated private infrastructure," said Christian Primeau, president and COO of iWeb, in a prepared statement. "Our team provides rapid deployment, state-of-the-art data centers and network infrastructure, all supported by top-notch professional services, freeing up customers to focus on their core business."

The Internap company is targeting the private cloud offering at organizations that may want to use it as either an extension or a backup of their existing infrastructure.

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