Panzura Adds Support for Scality Storage for the Enterprise

Here's some good news for enterprise customers currently using cloud storage solutions from Panzura, a global cloud storage provider for the enterprise. The company has announced a new partnership with Scality, a scale-out storage provider, through which Panzura will begin supporting the Scality RING Organic Storage infrastructure. Translation? Panzura enterprise users now have another cloud storage provider to choose from. Moreover, the move is one of several Panzura plans to make to expand its cloud ecosystem.

The Scality-Panzura partnership allows enterprises to combine the, highly scalable, object-based storage from Scality's RING Organic Storage solution with Panzura's common file system and full read-and-write capabilities. Users can access stored data from any location while still centrally managing that same data through the Scality RING.

From Scality's standpoint, the company appears to be fully focused on expanding its cloud storage solution for the enterprise as far as possible. It already has a partnership with CTERA Networks, a cloud storage and data protection provider. Overall, Scality has signed cloud storage agreements with four different cloud providers since earning $7 million in venture capital funding back in March 2011 -- CTERA, Panzura, TeamDrive and Gladinet. This latest partnership with Panzura is another step toward Scality CEO Jerome Lecat's goal of providing "infinite memory and seamless collaboration by enabling access to data from anywhere, anytime."


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