Red Hat Launches JBoss xPaaS for OpenShift

Red Hat Launches JBoss xPaaS for OpenShift

Red Hat believes it is taking PaaS to the next level with the launch of JBoss xPaaS for OpenShift, a new platform that is intended to speed up development and deployment of enterprise applications.

Red Hat (RHT) wants to help developers speed up the development and deployment of cloud-based enterprise applications. This morning, the company unveiled JBoss xPaaS for OpenShift, creating a strong link between its JBoss middleware platform and its open source PaaS offering.

During a call with partners, customers and media, Paul Cormier, Red Hat's president of products and technologies, outlined the open source vendor's vision for PaaS of the future and how he thinks xPaaS will pave the way for greater adoption of cloud in the enterprise.

"It's all about what enterprises really need from a cloud platform and how PaaS done right can really accelerate deployment," Cormier said.

According to Cormier, as enterprises are moving their application development to the cloud, they're not interested in working with multiple PaaS offerings to get their work done. Instead, what enterprises want is multiple services on a single PaaS, effectively providing a one-stop shop for all cloud development needs. And that's what Red Hat is betting on going forward with xPaaS services.

The xPaaS platform provides application PaaS, integration PaaS, business process management PaaS and mobile PaaS in one offering—something Cormier said customers have been asking for on OpenShift for awhile. Some elements aren't exactly new, as Red Hat has been providing them for a while on OpenShift, but integrating everything together should make it easier for developers to build apps for OpenShift deployment.

The foundation is the year-old application PaaS, and the end goal is to ease migration to OpenShift without requiring changing apps or management procedures, Cormier explained. He accused competitors of requiring enterprises to either start from scratch or significantly modify existing code to transition apps to the cloud. That's where Red Hat seems to hope JBoss xPaaS and OpenShift will have an edge.

Cormier hinted that this was just the beginning of what will be a greater vision for Red Hat in the cloud PaaS space. The company plans to expand the availability of its technologies as services on OpenShift. The launch of OpenShift Enterprise kicked off that strategy, and xPaaS continues along the roadmap the company has laid out. The next phase will be even more around JBoss Middleware technologies shifting to the cloud—again, all via OpenShift.

The PaaS strategy seems to be in line with market expectations and it's really about Red Hat trying to capture what Research and Markets predicts will be a market that will grow 43 percent in 2015. Gartner, for its part, predicts the PaaS market will be valued at $2.9 billion by 2016.

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