Heirloom Computing Launches Job Scheduler on ELPaaS Photo by shadowkill. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Heirloom Computing Launches Job Scheduler on ELPaaS

Heirloom Computing has launched a job scheduler tool on its ELPaaS offering, a PaaS for moving mission-critical enterprise applications to the cloud.

Heirloom Computing hopes to speed up the modernization of mission-critical applications with a new job scheduler designed to accelerate moving apps from legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Specializing in moving mission-critical apps to the cloud, Heirloom Computing has been expanding in recent months with the launch of its Enterprise Legacy PaaS (ELPaaS) in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, as well as the release of its GOPaaS offering, which provides organizations with a way to host existing legacy applications in the cloud.

The new Heirloom Job Scheduler tool, which the company explains in detail on YouTube, works with Heirloom's Job Entry Subsystem (JES) make it easier and less expensive for IT managers to manage legacy applications in the cloud. With full support for batch jobs languages such as IBM Job Control Language (JCL) and common scripting dialects including UNIX shell and Python, the scheduler is meant to make cloud-based legacy application modernization more efficient and affordale.

"Scheduled workloads that are more intensive are given more cloud resources to finish within the batch window, dramatically reducing the cost of maintaining computing resources that are only used to run large jobs," explained Mark Haynie, CTO of Heirloom Computing, in a prepared statement.

The problem Heirloom CEO Gary Crook said the tool solves is in scheduling jobs to run in the cloud. IT managers have been noting their inability to schedule jobs to run in the cloud, and that's where Heirloom's new capability comes in, he said in a prepared statement.

Heirloom is touting this as a big step forward in the modernization of legacy applications. And that, of course, is what the company's modus operandi is all about. Heirloom's ELPaaS was designed to help enterprises and their trusted providers in shifting older software applications that are required for running the business to the cloud computing model.

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