Heirloom Computing Helps SaaS-Enable Mission-Critical Apps Photo by JonathanCohen of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Heirloom Computing Helps SaaS-Enable Mission-Critical Apps

Heirloom Computing has launched a new PaaS to make it easier and faster for enterprises to SaaS-enable their mission-critical software and applications.

Quickly and easily taking existing software into the cloud and modernizing it as SaaS applications is a hot topic for businesses of all sizes. Heirloom Computing is hoping to make it simpler for enterprises to take their mission-critical applications and both SaaS-enable and modernize them, giving customers the ability to run their legacy software while still receiving the benefits of cloud computing.

GOPaaS is a new service from Heirloom that offers companies a way to host existing legacy applications in the cloud. According to the vendor, customers can move mission-critical apps to the cloud by using the service without having to rewrite code or build a new app from scratch. That's pretty much what every business wants, as it takes time, effort and resources to write new applications to replace existing apps that are already doing the job.

Heirloom specializes in migrating existing legacy applications to the cloud. The company recently announced an expansion in which it took its Enterprise Legacy PaaS service to the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market. The PaaS aids enterprises in taking legacy code and migrating it to the cloud so businesses can get the benefits of this new era of IT infrastructure and services both in cost-effectiveness and usability.

"We created GOPaaS so businesses can compete in the cloud right now, skipping the time-intensive process of rewriting code or developing a new cloud-based application from scratch," said Gary Crook, Heirloom Computing's CEO, in a prepared statement.

The company's ELPaaS provides software application development and deployment was designed to migrate legacy systems to private and public cloud computing infrastructures. According to Heirloom, GOPaaS allows any application to use ELPaaS.

Migrating mission-critical apps to the cloud seems to be a growing trend. According to SailPoint, a third of mission-critical enterprise apps are already being run in the cloud, and that number is expected to grow to 50 percent by 2015.

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