Ben Golub CEO of Docker

Ben Golub, CEO of Docker

Docker Sells dotCloud PaaS to cloudControl

Docker appears to be exiting the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) business after announcing the sale of its dotCloud PaaS to Germany's cloudControl.

Docker is focusing on the containerization technology that has put its name in the headlines and has sold off its dotCloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering to another cloud firm—specifically, cloudControl in Germany.

No terms were disclosed upon completion of the transaction. It's an interesting turn of events for Docker, especially considering the dotCloud PaaS actually is older than the company's open source containerization platform. The PaaS offering was launched in 2011as a multi-language platforms (one of the earliest ones, in fact), whereas the Docker containerization project didn't come about until two years later.

Considering the success of the containerization project, though, it makes sense for Docker to specialize and focus on ensuring its future success.

"We've kept the system running and helped our customers grow, but all the new platform engineering effort was going into Docker," wrote Andrew Rothfusz, Development Support manager at Docker, in a blog post. "Until now. For the next two months, we'll be working closely with the cloudControl team to ensure that they know everything they need to keep the dotCloud PaaS running while at the same time launching their existing technology in the U.S. region."

So not only does it enable Docker to concentrate on the technology that is making it famous, but it also brings a new competitor into the American market. CloudControl has been providing Europe with a PaaS offering for some time, but now it will expand its presence via the dotCloud acquisition into North America.

CloudControl has a solutions provider partner program in Europe, and it seems likely a version of the program will launch in North America over the next few months as cloudControl ramps up its new U.S. presence and shifts Docker PaaS customers to its assets.

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