Red Hat Launches OpenShift Marketplace

Red Hat Launches OpenShift Marketplace

At the Red Hat Summit, Red Hat unveiled the OpenShift Marketplace, a way to bring to customers third-party cloud offerings from the company's partners.

The Red Hat Summit kicked off with the open source company announcing the launch of the OpenShift Marketplace, which is being billed as "a one-stop shop that will enable customers of all sizes to find and try solutions for their cloud applications."

Red Hat (RHT) is working with partners within the OpenShift platform-as-a-service (PaaS) ecosystem to bring partner solutions to customers, enabling them to get the benefits of an enterprise PaaS with tightly integrated, complementary solutions developed for the public cloud, according to the company.

"The OpenShift Marketplace is our next step toward our goal of providing customers the widest variety of choice when it comes to technologies that complement their OpenShift experience," said Julio Tapia, director of the OpenShift ecosystem at Red Hat, in a prepared statement. "As the OpenShift partner ecosystem continues to expand, we expect the Marketplace to provide developers and customers a more streamlined, secure experience to choose the best third-party solutions for their productivity and business enablement needs."

Several Red Hat OpenShift ecosystem members have already signed on to the OpenShift Marketplace, including BlazeMeter, ClearDB,, MongoLab, New Relic, Redis Labs, SendGrid and Shippable.

According to Red Hat, the goal is to enable ISVs and developers to reach a growing network of customers. Each of the ISVs involved in the OpenShift Marketplace. The company also noted that as developers' use of enterprise PaaS grows, the key to their success is a vibrant and robust partner ecosystem.

"The OpenShift platform is an important development for Red Hat's public cloud and on-premise options are directly in line with our deployment options, so we don't see how the combination could be more powerful," said Chad Arimura, CEO of, in a prepared statement. " provides an enterprise-grade message queuing platform to connect systems, handle event processing and perform highly concurrent task processing. Deploying our platform as a cartridge leverages the flexibility and security of OpenShift to give developers powerful ways to build applications, ranging from the most basic up to mission critical systems and beyond."

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