Zenith Infotech

Zenith Infotech

Zenith Infotech is a leading international company specializing in delivering cutting-edge, innovative IT solutions for virtualized infrastructures, data storage, and data backup and disaster recovery.  Zenith partners with IT service providers serving the small to medium business market. Zenith demonstrates its partner commitment through ongoing educational, technical, sales and marketing support.

Zenith’s goal is to identify and design emerging, enterprise-class technologies that are cost effective and easy to use. By leveraging our solutions, IT service providers can capitalize on the lucrative cloud market by becoming a Cloud Services Provider, IaaS provider, technology reseller or disaster recovery provider.

Zenith solutions include:

TigerCloud virtual infrastructure

TigerCloud is built from the cloud down™ to provide a complete converged infrastructure for virtual environments. It supports multi-tenancy with secure VLANs, VM-aware storage, built-in business continuity and virtualization controls, all managed from a single pane of glass with our Cloud Management Center. While other vendors give you just a piece of the puzzle, TigerCloud provides the entire hardware/software solution.

TigerCloud Features and Benefits:

  • Built for virtual environments, with multi-tenant architecture
  • Choice of hypervisors (Hyper-V 2008/2012 or VMware 5.x)
  • 20,000+ IOPS, distributed storage and intelligent SSD caching
  • Use existing IT hardware for processing & as VM clients
  • CMC to easily orchestrate your entire environment
  • Affordable pricing

BDR-G14 business continuity appliance

The Zenith BDR-G14 is a high-performance backup and disaster recovery appliance for Windows® servers, through Server 2012, using ShadowProtect® 5.x. With a storage capacity of up to 9 TB, the BDR-G14 takes block-level snapshots of servers as frequently as every 15 minutes to keep businesses in operation with minimal downtime.

Should a protected server fail, the BDR-G14 can rapidly virtualize a failover server, while continuing to back up data. The BDR-G14 can then perform a live Bare Metal Restore to identical or dissimilar hardware. Offsite replication ensures business continuity, even during a site disaster. With 256-bit AES encryption on the appliance and in the replication tunnel, data is safe and secure.

Low monthly pricing is available through our DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) model.

Learn more about partnering with Zenith Infotech at www.zenithinfotech.com or email [email protected].  Learn more about our products at www.tigercloud.com or www.bdrg14.com