Sources: Canonical Launching Ubuntu Server Appliances

The VAR Guy was making one last trip around the exhibitor booths at OSCON (Open Source Convention), when he ran into a rather interesting rumor: Canonical is working with hardware partners and application developers to launch Ubuntu Linux server appliances at LinuxWorld Expo in August.

The rumor certainly sounded logical. The VAR Guy earlier this week reported that Canonical is planning a major application server initiative at LinuxWorld Expo. And appliances are a natural way to simplify server application deployments -- and a quick route to compete more effectively against Novell SuSE, Red Hat Linux and Windows Server.

In fact, a source close to OBM (Open Business Management, the open source email provider) says he has seen details involving Canonical's server appliance strategy. And yes, the source added, he expects Canonical to announce its server appliance strategy at LinuxWorld Expo.

The VAR Guy shot a few emails to Canonical, requesting comment about the potential Ubuntu server appliances. But it's late at night here in Portland, Oregon. And as of this writing, Canonical had yet to reply.

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