Six Channel Partner Blogs The VAR Guy Didn't Write: Nov. 26

Six Channel Partner Blogs The VAR Guy Didn't Write: Nov. 26

Here in the US, the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend is nearly over. Time for The VAR Guy to shake off his rust, warm up the blog engine and pursue news tips. But before that happens, here are six channel partner-related blogs The VAR Guy didn't have a chance to write for the week ending Nov. 26, 2010.

7. Happy Holidays: E-commerce sales should grow about 11 percent this holiday season, up from about 4 percent growth last year, according to ComScore. How many of those e-commerce systems run on cloud systems rather than dedicated services? Hmmm... The VAR Guy is still digging for that figure.

6. The Hunt for Android Tablets: During a trip this weekend to Best Buy, The VAR Guy noticed Google Android tablets on display from Archos, Velocity Micro (Cruz) and Dell (Streak). But here's the challenge: The Android tablets were scattered about the store, and didn't seem to be attracting much attention. Meanwhile, Apple's iPad tablet was generating plenty of interest from Best Buy shoppers who visited an in-store Apple display. Plus, the we b is buzzing about the forthcoming iPad 2. The VAR Guy wonders: Is it time for Google to provide some marketing and in-store support to Android hardware developers?

5. Hail to the Chief (Again): Former President Bill Clinton is set to speak at the Salesforce DreamForce conference (Dec. 6-9, San Francisco). Sounds intriguing... but it seems like Clinton has been working the IT community pretty hard this year. He also spoke at this year's Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference and McAfee Focus 2010 conference.

4. Thinking Thin: Still skeptical about thin clients? Wyse Technology, the thin client specialist, says revenues from Q3 2010 represent the best quarter in the company’s history. Sounds impressive but it's difficult to put that data point in proper perspective. Wyse is privately held and doesn't disclose net income nor deeper financial details.

3. Eat Crow, Not Turkey: As part of a copyright infringement case, SAP has been ordered to pay Oracle $1.3 billion in damages. But now, sources say SAP will file a post-trial motion in an attempt to reduce the damages, according to reports out of Europe. Hmmm... If SAP truly is guilty of the crime perhaps it's time for SAP to eat crow, pay the lofty fine and turn the page... fast.

2. Partial Answer: When Microsoft acquired certain Novell intellectual property assets earlier this month, plenty of observers asked the obvious question: What exactly did Microsoft acquire? Or more specifically, did Microsoft acquire control of any patents related to Unix and SUSE Linux? Now, published reports say Novell still owns those Unix assets. But The VAR Guy will be speaking with Novell Chief Marketing Officer John Dragoon within a few days... So perhaps Dragoon, who also serves as Novell channel chief, can further clarify what Microsoft purchased.

1. Check the Headline: This remains a top six list. Always has been. Always will be. So there is no number one.

Thanks for engaging with The VAR Guy. Watch for plenty of content updates in the hours and days ahead.

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