Open Source SDN Project OpenDaylight Adds New Members

Open Source SDN Project OpenDaylight Adds New Members

Extreme Networks, Flextronics and Oracle have joined OpenDaylight, the open source software-defined networking (SDN) project hosted by the Linux Foundation.

The Linux Foundation's OpenDaylight project for promoting open source software-defined networking (SDN) continues to grow. Extreme Networks (EXTR), Flextronics and Oracle (ORCL) are now among the initiative's members.

The three companies, which officially joined OpenDaylight June 5, bring the total number of OpenDaylight project members to 39. The project also enjoys the support of 195 developers collaborating to help build an open source SDN platform.

The new members bring additional expertise in data center and cloud computing design and infrastructure to OpenDaylight's portfolio. Extreme Networks specializes in high-performance networking solutions for enterprises, while Flextronics provides systems design, manufacturing and logistics. Oracle's broad operations, meanwhile, focus on a variety of areas in the cloud and the data center.

OpenDaylight leaders are celebrating the project's membership growth as a further step toward creating an SDN ecosystem that is centered on open standards and free from domination by particular organizations. "More voices at the table means stronger debate and better code," said Jacques Neela, executive director, OpenDaylight. "We are thrilled to see such a diversity of new members joining who represent an even broader range of perspectives on SDN and NFV."

The first software release from OpenDaylight, which was itself formed in April 2013, appeared in February under the name Hydrogen.

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