Open Source Dronecode Project Gains New Members and Focus

Open Source Dronecode Project Gains New Members and Focus

Dronecode, the open source software project for drones and UAVs, has received new financial backing and established technical working groups for drone software development.

Dronecode, the project building an open source software framework for drones, has taken a step forward with the announcement of new investments and the establishment of several working groups, which will focus on specific areas of drone software development.

Dronecode is a Linux Foundation collaborative project that involves the collaboration and financial backing of a number of industry partners. On Tuesday, the project's industry backing increased with the announcement of investments from twenty-seven new member organizations.

In addition, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., which recently unveiled new hardware tailored for drones and other robotics applications, made a big splash by increasing its investment to the platinum level, which involved pledging more financial backing.

Overall, Dronecode membership has increased nearly three-fold since the project launched in October 2014.

Also on Tuesday, the project sharpened some technical aspects of its focus with the introduction of three new working groups. Titled the MAVlink Camera Working Group, the Airspace Working Group and the Hardware Working Group, they will develop solutions for cameras, airspace communications and hardware standards related to drones, respectively.

For now, Dronecode remains far from producing a working open source platform for drones. But the initiative seems to have a fair amount of momentum under its wings, providing a useful point of reference for the open source community as drones make their way into the market.

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