OPEN-O Promises Open Source NFV and SDN for Telecoms Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock

OPEN-O Promises Open Source NFV and SDN for Telecoms

The Linux Foundation has announced OPEN-O, an open source SDN and NFV project for the telecom community.

The Linux Foundation and industry partners have launched another collaborative project to advance open source software-defined networking (SDN) technology. Called OPEN-Orchestrator (OPEN-O), the initiative will focus on the telecom industry.

The Linux Foundation's OpenDaylight project, which was founded in spring 2013, has already been working for some time to develop an open source SDN and NFV platform than can serve the open source community as a whole. OPEN-O will complement that effort by creating SDN solutions tailored to carrier networks.

OPEN-O also stands out because it brings together supporters that represent a range of world regions and markets. Telecom companies in China are well represented, as are open source software vendors based in the United States. (So far, there has been no word from American telecoms regarding their interest in the collaborative project.)

So far, Brocade, China Mobile, China Telecom, DynaTrace, Ericsson, F5 Networks, GigaSpaces, Huawei, Infoblox, Intel, KT, Red Hat, Raisecom, Riverbed and ZTE have indicated their support for OPEN-O. The Linux Foundation says it hopes other companies will sign on to the project, too.

"China born and global in nature, OPEN-O will unite industry forces to set up the world's first SDN and NFV unified orchestrator, serving as an important step in promoting deeper convergence among SDN and NFV technologies and innovation in the networking industry," said Jim Zemlin, executive director, The Linux Foundation.

The Linux Foundation announced OPEN-O at this week's Mobile World Congress.

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