Dell's Big Data Move: Apache Hadoop Meets Pentaho Analytics

Where is Dell heading in the big data, business intelligence and analytics software markets? The answer involves Apache Hadoop and Pentaho -- an open source software company that seems to be gaining more business momentum. Here's the update.

First, a little background on each of the players:


  • Dell has an Emerging Solutions Ecosystem that drives new innovations out to customers. Pentaho has joined that Ecosystem
  • Pentaho offers on-premises and cloud versions of its business analytics software.
  • Apache Hadoop is a framework that supports distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using a simple programming model.
  • Cloudera promotes an Apache Hadoop distribution.
So how are those companies working together going forward? Dell offers an Apache Hadoop Solution based on Cloudera. Pushing into big data analytics, Dell will now offer Pentaho's software as part of its Hadoop solution. Also, look for the solution to include Crowbar -- a Dell cloud builder tool.

Cloudera, Dell and Pentaho each have growing channel partner programs, so VARs and systems integrators focused on big data opportunities should keep an eye on the Dell-Cloudara-Pentaho dealings. Still, the Dell Apache Hadoop solution is sold exclusively through Dell, according to a prepared Dell statement. The VAR Guy is checking to see if Dell's PartnerDirect members can jump into the opportunity...
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