Open Source Storage Adds Oracle, Sun Veterans to Executive Team

Open Source Storage Adds Oracle, Sun Veterans to Executive Team

Open Source Storage has hired Leynette Larioza and Mark Nelson, who both have previous experience at Oracle, Sun and elsewhere, to help grow its software storage business.

Open Source Storage (OSS), the recently relaunched company that bills itself as "the only true end-to-end open source storage solution," added two new executives this week who bring experience from Oracle (ORCL), Sun and elsewhere.

Originally founded in 2001 and then disbanded in 2007, OSS relaunched late last year and has been working hard since that time to stake its claim to a slice of of the modern storage market. Its chief business strategy centers on building solutions that allow enterprises to deploy next-generation open source storage technologies on top of existing hardware, which may not itself have been designed for scalable, high-performance storage, while avoiding proprietary lock-in risks.

The executive appointments announced this week expand the company's expertise by bringing on board two veterans from Oracle. The first, Leynette Larioza, served as principal program manager of high-end systems quality at Oracle, with previous positions at Sun Microsystems, Maui High Performance Computing Center and Cray Research. She will work as COO at OSS.

Larioza's appointment is also significant because, as a woman, she represents a demographic that has traditionally not had as strong a presence in the open source ecosystem as its male counterpart, although that may be beginning to change as organizations such as Red Hat (RHT) and GNOME undertake efforts to recognize women's contributions to open source software.

OSS has also appointed Mark Nelson, who previously worked in sales, support and customer management at Oracle, Sun and Science Applications International Corporation, as executive vice president of Solutions Sales. According to OSS, Nelson "is experienced in managing the difficulties of handling and growing data storage with multiple closed vendor interfaces while protecting the data, and resolving issues associated with the intricacies of closed architecture multi-vendor solutions."

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