Zettaset Offers Hadoop Big Data Security Apps as Standalones

Zettaset Offers Hadoop Big Data Security Apps as Standalones

Zettaset will soon offer individual components of its Orchestrator security and management software for Hadoop and NoSQL Big Data platforms as standalone applications, starting with the data-encryption module.

Zettaset, a major vendor of security solutions for Apache Hadoop and other Big Data platforms, has tweaked its distribution strategy this week with the announcement of a new product model that will allow enterprises to purchase individual components of its flagship Orchestrator security and management software.

The company will continue to offer Orchestrator as a complete package to customers that prefer that option. But the change means individual feature applications, such as data encryption and multi-service high availability, can be purchased separately.

The goal behind the change, according to Zettaset, is to appeal to enterprises seeking to build more security into their existing Big Data infrastructures in a flexible way, without having to discard large amounts of the investment they have already made in Big Data to incorporate the security features. The feature applications from Orchestrator will work with any open source Hadoop distribution or NoSQL database, according to the company.

The strategy makes sense as Hadoop matures and Big Data infrastructures grow increasingly diverse and distinct. The one-size-fits-all approach to Big Data security that worked a few years ago, when many enterprises had yet to implement Hadoop or NoSQL in production mode, is no longer viable today.

"Creating an enterprise-class Big Data security platform is a non-trivial task, and Zettaset has been at the forefront of this development for the past two years with our Orchestrator management and security platform," said Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset. "Customers can now also take full advantage of Zettaset’s best-in-class capabilities, such as standards-based encryption, as stand-alone applications within their centralized enterprise data management framework."

So far, Zettaset has announced specific plans to make only the at-rest data-encryption feature from Orchestrator available as a standalone application, beginning Aug. 15. Additional applications, including Zettaset's multi-service high-availability framework for automated failure of Hadoop services, the Kerberos authentication module and the role-based access control application, "will be rolled out in coming months," according to the company.

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