Rackspace, Cumulus Networks and CoreOS Join Linux Foundation

Rackspace, Cumulus Networks and CoreOS Join Linux Foundation

Rackspace, Cumulus Networks and CoreOS have become members of the Linux Foundation to support open source networking, virtualization and cloud computing.

The Linux Foundation has added three significant names to the list of channel partners that support the non-profit consortium for advancing open source software: Rackspace (RAX), CoreOS and Cumulus Networks are now members of the Foundation, adding to its strengths in networking and cloud computing.

Each of the three newest vendors to become members of the Linux Foundation, which fosters collaboration across the channel to support the development and deployment of Linux and other open source software, are major stakeholders within the open source ecosystem. Rackspace, the cloud hosting giant, relies extensively on Linux to power its servers. It is also the founder of OpenStack, the open source operating system for the cloud that now stands at the center of much of the momentum in the cloud world.

Cumulus Networks, which develops Cumulus Linux, a Linux-based operating system tailored for switches and other networking hardware, is also heavily invested in open source. The Linux Foundation expects Cumulus to transform "the economics and innovation" of networking by "radically reducing the costs and complexities of operating modern data center networks for service providers and enterprises," according to a statement.

And CoreOS, a Linux-based operating system designed to host massively scalable server deployments yet leave a minimal resource footprint, relies heavily on other open source projects as well, including Docker, the container-based virtualization platform.

In the Linux Foundation's view, all three of these new members of the consortium—combined with Rackspace's signing on as part of the Xen Project, a move that coincided with the company's decision to join the Linux Foundation —will help to ensure the continued relevance of Linux and open source as the cloud becomes the core of modern computing.

As the Linux Foundation said in a statement: "From the virtualization layer to networking hardware, Linux and open source are critical to modern computing and a new generation of cloud services and applications. Today's new Linux Foundation members are part of this market shift and see open source as the lynchpin for optimal scalability, efficiencies, security and data center savings."

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