Unisys Offers Stealth Solution Across AWS Cloud, Enterprise David Ryder/Getty Images

Unisys Offers Stealth Solution Across AWS Cloud, Enterprise

Unisys has extended its Stealth security solution to the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

Unisys (UIS) is extending its data-center security solution to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, giving AWS customers advanced security while providing its own clients with the scale of the AWS Cloud, the company said in a press release.

Unisys has optimized its Stealth micro-segmentation security solution to provide those using the AWS cloud with a quick and convenient way to protect vital information and applications against evolving threats, according to the company.

The move extends enterprise-grade security from Unisys to the cloud to provide additional assurance to enterprise and government customers that are moving their core operations to the cloud, said Peter Altabef, Unisys' president and chief executive officer.

"Security and cloud computing are strategic priorities for businesses today," he said. "Integrating Stealth onto the AWS Cloud advances Unisys' leadership in security, and reflects our commitment to continually deliver innovation that solves real-world business challenges."

Unisys Stealth software uses identity-based micro-segmentation techniques and encryption to protect data and apps in cloud environments, making them invisible to hackers and unauthorized users by encrypting traffic between all Stealth-protected endpoints, according to Unisys.

With Stealth on AWS, users can quickly and easily micro-segment their own portions of the cloud from other users while keeping their own encryption keys. They can unify their internal security protections with those on the cloud, enforce virtual machine-to-machine encryption in the cloud, and manage access via existing identity systems including Active Directory or LDAP, according to Unisys.

Enterprises have a couple of options to use Unisys Stealth on AWS. They can acquire Stealth directly from the AWS Marketplace, where Unisys also offers an AWS Test Drive that allows enterprises to access a private sandbox using Stealth to see how it works before deploying it, the company said.

Alternatively, enterprises that want to extend their on-premise infrastructure to AWS can use Stealth's "cloudbursting" capability, which automates the shifting of secure workloads directly into AWS, according to Unisys.

Even as enterprises continue to adopt cloud computing for critical business operations—as they have been for some time--concerns about security persist. A survey by IT auditing software provider Netwrix conducted last year found that 65 percent of companies still have security concerns when migrating to the cloud, while 40 percent are still worried about their loss of physical control over data in the cloud.

AWS is one of the top cloud-computing environments, and so it makes sense for Unisys to support it. More than a million active customers across 190 countries around the world use AWS.

"Unisys Stealth on AWS provides extra layers of security for enterprises moving their workloads to the AWS Cloud," AWS Chief Information Security Officer Stephen Schmidt said in the release. "We are pleased this solution is now available on the AWS Marketplace, offering our customers immediate access to the security protection capabilities of Stealth."

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