Kaspersky Debuts Anti-Targeted Attack Platform, Security Intelligence Services Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kaspersky Debuts Anti-Targeted Attack Platform, Security Intelligence Services

Kaspersky Lab unveiled several new cybersecurity solutions and services to protect enterprise customers from targeted attacks and train employees to recognize threats.

Kaspersky Lab North America announced several new cybersecurity solutions for enterprise customers earlier this month, all of which are aimed at detecting and protecting users from potential data breaches.

“As the threat landscape continues tor each new levels of sophistication, customers now require an adaptive and innovative security approach to fully meet their IT needs,” said Michael Canavan, vice president of Engineering at Kaspersky Lab North America, in a statement. “We’re answering the call by expanding our product line beyond next-gen endpoint and providing a comprehensive suite of security solutions that are powered by our game-changing threat intelligence.”

The most notable announcement is the launch of the Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack Platform, which, like its name implies, works to detect threats before they compromise a user’s network.

Kaspersky said the solution focuses mainly on detecting and preventing targeted strikes against users, which are typically the most damaging to an enterprise network. The platform scans for potential threats by analyzing data collected from multiple points in the infrastructure, including network traffic, email and endpoints, according to the announcement.

All threats are filtered through several different engines, such as an Advanced Sandbox and a Targeted Attack Analyzer to determine their purpose. All other generic attacks are filtered out so that the platform can focus on the most potentially dangerous behavior, the company said.

“As we developed our Anti Targeted Attack Platform, we understood that a working solution cannot stand apart from well-known and highly efficient security approaches,” said Nikita Shvetsov, Kaspersky Lab’s Chief Technology Officer. “At the same time, new corporate threats demand new technology and intelligence an order of magnitude more complex than our existing solutions.”

Kaspersky also announced its Security Intelligence Services, a series of Security as a Service solutions. Straight from the press release, the three components include:

  • Security Assessment  – includes Penetration Testing and Application Security Assessment.
  • Cybersecurity training – Cybersecurity Awareness program for employees as well as Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering Training.
  • Threat intelligence – Threat Data Feeds and Botnet Tracking, with optional made-to-order Intelligence Reports available as well.

Finally, Kaspersky Private Security Network provides users with “Cloud-based threat intelligence without the need to share information outside of the local network.” The offering includes intelligence, rapid threat detection and response, and can be installed directly into a company’s data center.

Kaspersky Lab North America held its annual North American Partner Conference last week in Cancun, where CEO Eugene Kaspersky detailed the state of international cybersecurity and predicted a “Golden Age of Cybersecurity.”

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