ContainerX Launches Free, Paid Versions of Enterprise Container Platform

ContainerX Launches Free, Paid Versions of Enterprise Container Platform

ContainerX launched its flagship multi-tenant enterprise platform, the company announced on Thursday. A free version of the platform is now available, along with paid gold and platinum versions for large enterprises.

ContainerX is a container platform that “provides the world’s first multi-tenant container-as-a-service (CaaS) platform for both Linux and Windows,” according to the company. The platform also doubles as a central management system for all containers allowing support for bare metal and virtual machines, private and public cloud environments.

The free version will allow users with up to 20 CPU cores to utilize the software, while the gold version is recommended for mid-market and enterprise customers. The platinum version is suited for large enterprise and service provider customers, according to the announcement. Pricing for the paid versions is based on the number of logical CPU cores.

Company CEO and co-founder Kiran Kamity said the combination of built-in Elastic Clusters and Container Pools and Windows CaaS capabilities make ContainerX the first multi-tenant container management platform for both Windows and Linux.

The beta version of ContainerX released in November, and since then the company has released five additional betas with features such as VMware vSphere integration.

Straight from the press release, ContainerX also includes the following features:

  • Any VMware admin is now a Docker admin – Delightfully familiar VMware-like IT experience for containers with dev/ops self service, resulting in higher app agility, lower infrastructure footprint and lower op/ex related to OS maintenance.
  • Enterprise-grade management – Simple day-zero setup, seamless day-N operations, alerts, monitoring and analytics.
  • Comprehensive solution – Ready-to-go package including orchestration, compute, networking and storage.
  • Highly resilient – Protection from rogue containers crashing or starving other containers.
  • Multi-tenant and isolated – Container Pools with CPU, memory and network limits and access controls.
  • Horizontally scalable – Scale-out platform with dynamic addition and removal of hosts.
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