Tamir Hardof vice president of Product Marketing at Fortinet

Tamir Hardof, vice president of Product Marketing at Fortinet

Fortinet Releases Virtual Edition of FortiSandbox

Fortinet is releasing its FortiSandbox solution in a new virtual edition, which will allow users to integrate with other solutions, including FortiMail and FortiGate.

Network security provider Fortinet (FTNT) has released its popular FortiSandbox breach-detecting solution as a virtual appliance. The virtual edition of FortiSandbox-VM also features a new API for integration with Fortinet’s other solutions to more rapidly expand the solution to a wider host of customers.

The new format is expected to help customers deploy Advanced Threat Protection sandboxes more easily within their infrastructures and throughout data centers, according to the company.  While Fortinet already offers the FortiSandbox solution in both cloud and on-premise flavors, the company said the virtual solution’s increased compatibility will compliment the overall Fortinet suite of solutions by creating a more seamless protection layer with tighter integration between its products, especially the recently released FortiMail v.5.2.

“Without a doubt, a groundswell of sophisticated advanced persistent threats and serial high-profile data breaches have made enterprises more security conscious than ever,” said Tamir Hardof, vice president of Product Marketing at Fortinet, in a statement. “Customers want solutions that are both highly effective and easy to deploy, and FortiSandbox offers them effective breach detection that leverages the expertise and innovation from FortiGuard Labs, and the flexibility of physical, cloud and now virtual form factors.”

For those of you who don’t know, sandboxing is a term used to describe a security mechanism that runs separate programs and execute untested code, according to Wikipedia. Sandboxes also provide users with the resources they need to run guest programs via scratch space on disk and memory.

When paired with FortiGuard Labs, FortiSandbox users will have access to more powerful API framework components and to protect against zero-day attacks and monitor the threat landscape, according to the company. FortiSandbox also features a dual-level sandbox and inspection for all protocols and functions within a single appliance, according to the press release. Both the virtual edition of FortiSandbox and the latest version of FortiMail are available now.

In September, security solution providers McAfee and Symantec (SMYC) joined forces with Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks (PANW) to collaborate on developing new means to stop malicious attacks through the Cyber Threat Alliance, in light of the many high-profile attacks that have occurred recently.

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