Bill Lucchini vice president and general manager of Sophos Cloud

Bill Lucchini, vice president and general manager of Sophos Cloud

Sophos Unveils Multi-OS Cloud Security Offering

Sophos released the latest version of Sophos Cloud this week, touting it as the first security solution on the market to manage Windows, Mac and mobile devices from a single console.

Sophos showed off its latest version of Sophos Cloud, which is the only cloud-managed security service on the market to manage Microsoft (MSFT) Windows, Apple (AAPL) Mac and mobile devices from a single console. The new Sophos Cloud includes several features such as user-based management, reporting and licensing, built-in web security and new policy-based web control features.

The all-inclusive cloud solution is ideal for managing the multiple types of devices and operating systems employees are attaching to the company network, according to the company. Sophos Cloud gives IT administrators a way to protect all of their disparate devices with a single, integrated security strategy.

“We’re pleased to deliver this new release of Sophos Cloud, as it’s another positive step in our strategy to use the cloud to create new, innovative solutions to the ever-increasing security challenges faced by small and midmarket businesses today,” said Bill Lucchini, vice president and general manager of Sophos Cloud, in a prepared statement. “We continue to address the market’s desire for powerful, simple-to-use solutions to combat the evolving threat landscape. Sophos security delivered with cloud simplicity is clearly resonating with our customers and partners.”

The solution’s new web features will help IT managers set and enforce policies for enhanced security and compliance, as well as offer the ability to create user-based policies that can be rapidly deployed across multiple groups and platforms for on- and off-network protection. The latest version of Sophos Cloud also adds Active Directory synchronization to simplify deployment and management for users and groups, according to the press release, and a partner dashboard will allow admins to control their customer’s subscriptions and policies remotely.

“IDC predicts that the continuing SMB productivity push will drive cloud and mobility adoption, in a big way; in the U.S., one-third of small businesses and almost three-fourths of midsized firms are using the cloud, and the share will continue to grow,” said Raymond Boggs, research vice president at IDC.  “Sophos Cloud will be a useful resource for channel partners to leverage in helping support the resource-limited IT teams of their SMB customers.”

The latest version of Sophos Cloud is available now. Sophos is also offering a free 30-day trial on its website if you would like to try before you buy.

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