Fortinet Fights Malware with new FortiOS 5.2 Update

Fortinet Fights Malware with new FortiOS 5.2 Update

Fortinet announced a new update to its FortiOS network security operating system this week with FortiOS 5.2. The company says its latest update will help enterprise users to better protect against advanced persistent threats and contain malware breaches within their frameworks as they occur.

Network security provider Fortinet (FTNT) unveiled an update to its FortiOS network security operating system, designed help enterprise users to strengthen their Advanced Threat Protection Framework against attacks and combat new and evolving malware. According to the company, the FortiOS 5.2 update protects enterprise frameworks by giving admins the tools they need to locate, monitor and eliminate threats as they are happening.

Among the new features included with the FortiOS 5.2 update, users will be able to reduce the attack surface by limiting the amount of authorized users within the network, as well as the ability to proactively stop attacks by inspecting code, traffic, web sites and applications, Fortinet noted. FortiOS 5.2 continuously assesses and improves security posture against individual and industry baselines and contains incidents as they are discovered.

“More than ever, enterprises require intelligent, integrated solutions to prevent data theft and network disruption caused by stealthy, targeted attacks. Despite what many vendors would have you believe, there is no one product or ‘silver bullet’ to solve this problem,” said John Maddison, vice president of Marketing for Fortinet, in a prepared statement. “FortiOS 5.2 supports the broader, coordinated framework for Advanced Threat Protection that we have established to guide organizations through a structured approach of defense. Only such a framework can allow enterprises to effectively protect themselves against the new generation of threats they are facing.”

Fortinet said it has designed FortiOS 5.2 to protect against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and advanced targeted attacks, both of which are becoming more common issues for enterprise networks. The update offers users easier access control via a new graphical policy table manipulation feature so admins can more easily configure their firewall policies. The update is run by a new advanced malware engine and new SSL engine which Fortinet promises will speed analysis and detection while allowing for faster content protection of encrypted traffic.

The FortiOS 5.2 software will be released during Q2 2014, along with patch releases for the current FortiAnalyzer 5.0 and FortiManager 5.0 systems. Fortinet has made a beta version of FortiOS 5.2 available for download and testing on its website.

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