Trend Micro Brings Layered Security to Users

Trend Micro Brings Layered Security to Users

Trend Micro released an updated version of its Complete User Protection solution in select U.S. markets, giving IT admins and end users multilayered selection and mix-and-match capabilities for their enterprise infrastructures. The company will continue to roll out its new solutions portfolio throughout 2014.

Security technology vendor Trend Micro is revamping its Complete User Protection solution with the introduction of two simplified subscription-based offerings, which combine the company’s previous security options into two simplified packages.

With Trend Micro Smart Protection for Endpoints and Smart Protection Complete, the company is looking to give IT administrators and end users the most simple and comprehensive product available for total system-wide protection, while also giving them the freedom to choose how much of their network should be housed on the cloud with a new “Mix and Match” model.

Trend Micro believes there is a growing need for a simplified way of selling all-inclusive protection for small- and midsized businesses (SMBs) as well as enterprise customers, due to the shifting nature of the IT industry. As more organizations begin utilizing the cloud to store their corporate information, choosing the right security for users is becoming increasingly complex. And with so many solutions currently on the market, each with their own-tiered packages, it often can be confusing for IT admins to choose the product that fits their needs.

Trend Micro’s VP of Solution Marketing Eric Skinner detailed the company’s new offerings, explaining that both give customers and IT managers multiple methods of protection to prevent and eliminate threats at all levels. Skinner compared Trend’s multilayered solution to a home security system with several methods of stopping an intruder—in an instance when one layer of security is breached, there are others there to take its place and prevent data loss at different stages throughout the attack.

“There is no silver bullet technology that works against everything, so we’re including multiple layers [of protection],” said Skinner in an interview with The VAR Guy. “Everything about this has been designed with the channel in mind.”

Skinner said both of Trend’s security options give users the ability to leverage the cloud and legacy storage solutions with its blend of on-premise and SaaS capabilities, effectively eliminating the need for companies to have to purchase additional cloud storage when migrating their infrastructures.

IT administrators also will be able to view all their installations from a central management console, allowing for ease of access when attempting to identify the source of breach. Both options also offer 24/7 support and a standard subscription-based model.

The updated version of the Complete User Protection solution ships April 15 in English-language editions. New licensing and packaging features also are slated to launch in select U.S. markets April 15, with a global rollout scheduled throughout 2014.

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