VMware Increasing Partner Incentives

VMware Increasing Partner Incentives

The changes are billed as part of the company’s evolution from a single-product  to a diverse portfolio of robust solutions.

Hoping to increase sales of its more advanced products, VMware announced today it is increasing incentives for partners.

Effective today, partners will earn up to 30 percent in up front margins for selling products through the Advantage+ Opportunity Registration program.

Also, partners can get improved predictability through the industry’s first auto-validation on deal registrations.

Auto-validation allows partners to input deals earlier in the process instead of waiting for field approval, boosting sales acceleration.

“VMware transformational solutions offer immense partner opportunity; therefore, we are aligning incentives to drive business for our advanced products,” said a post on the VMware blog. “Partners making this shift with us will now be clearly and transparently rewarded through enhancements to Advantage+.”

VMware officials said the change is part of the company’s evolution from one product to a diverse portfolio of numerous robust solutions.

“This evolution is part of our ongoing commitment to never stop improving,” the blog post states. “As part of that effort, we are committed to continually improve our partner programs and invest in the success of our partners.”

As part of the change, the company also announced it is increasing renewal and progression fees for its Solution Provider Program.

The improved incentives reflect VMware’s need to more proactively sell new products, said Ross Brown, senior vice president, worldwide partners and alliances at VMware.

“We have products that really do require being sold, rather than the market just understanding that they should buy it,” he said.


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