Promys Adds Government Contract Quoting and Reporting to PSA Software Courtesy of Promys

Promys' enhanced PSA automates the quoting and reporting of pricing discounts for federal, state and local government contracts.

Promys Adds Government Contract Quoting and Reporting to PSA Software

The upgrade eliminates the need for manual tracking of individual pricing discounts for federal, state, and local government contracts.

Promys, a manufacturer of professional services automation (PSA) solutions, announced this week the addition of government contract quoting and reporting functionality to its software.

The upgrade eliminates the need for users who have been approved to provide solutions under government contract pricing to manually track the various discounts for sales of hardware, software and managed services, the company said.

Instead, the PSA automates the quoting and reporting against federal, state and local government contracts, each with their own pricing discounts.

Company officials say the new functionality will help save time for users, which include providers of managed services and technology solutions, integrators and their customers.

“Promys will significantly reduce our customers’ administrative burden,” said David Donnelly, vice president of product development for the software vendor. “Manually tracking the different government contract discounts and ensuring that their contract quoting and reporting is consistently accurate was an administrative nightmare.”

The tool can track original ‘not to exceed’ pricing and signal the need for quote approval if item pricing is set higher.

It also allows line items to be added from multiple contract price books and tracks which items belong to which contracts for reporting purposes.

Promys developers rewrote the PSA software from the ground up in recent years to allow for improvements to the tool’s pricing and reporting capabilities.

Other recent releases enabled customer-specific pricing and automated collection and reporting of information for European Union tax declarations.


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