Precipient Networks Releases Strongarm Automated AntiMalware Solution Courtesy of Precipient Networks.

The Strongarm cloud-based security solution automatically detects and neutralizes malware attacks, and helps mitigate network damage.

Percipient Networks Releases 'Strongarm' Automated Anti-Malware Solution

The solution is billed as a high-margin offering for managed services providers, that can open the door to sales of additional security services.

Startup Percipient Networks this week announced the release of Strongarm, a cloud-based security solution that automatically detects and neutralizes malware attacks, and helps mitigate damage to networks.

Upon detecting a threat, Strongarm identifies the specific machine that was compromised, interrupts communication between the malware and the command-and-control server, and collects information about the malware and attacker, company officials said.

The solution’s low cost and sophisticated enterprise-level capabilities makes it ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and managed services providers (MSPs), according to Percipient.

“(MSPs) that adopt Strongarm gain a high-margin service offering for their customers, as well as a capability that opens up additional services, such as incident response, forensics, and continuous monitoring,” the company said in a statement.

“Traditionally, these services could only be delivered by an elite set of security experts,” the statement said. “Strongarm’s ability to automatically block malware and pinpoint details about infections can expand service offerings and improve how MSPs perform incident response.”

Detailed information generated by Strongarm provides security personnel with a more thorough picture of attacks, improving their ability to protect the network against future intrusions, the firm said.

The cloud-based platform can scale with customer needs, and offers protection across desktops, laptops, tablets and any bring-your-own devices linked to enterprise networks.

Strongarm’s underlying technology was developed by Percipient co-founders Todd O’Boyle and Stephen DiCato, while both worked at The MITRE Corporation helping secure U.S. government agencies from cyber attacks, the company said.

They founded Percipient in 2014 and teamed with Boston-based technology developer Allied Minds to bring the solution to the commercial market.

“Most existing solutions focus on keeping malware out, but there’s always a way for malware to sneak into a company’s internal systems,” said O’Boyle, who also serves as the firm’s chief technology officer. “Strongarm focuses on blocking outbound communication from malware – which is where most damage comes from and how data is compromised – in order to protect intellectual property and sensitive information.”


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