Kaseya CEO Issues Rebuttal to Open Letter From ConnectWise Courtesy of Kaseya

Kaseya CEO Issues 'Rebuttal' to Open Letter From ConnectWise

In a statement, Fred Voccola offered more thoughts in the debate between Kaseya and ConnectWise over the firms' approaches to developing the ideal professional services automation platform for IT solution providers. 

We agree that our industry should focus on the customer first.  That is the entire point of Kaseya speaking out against the practices of other vendors that claim to be putting the customer first, but who, in reality are not.  What "putting the customer first" means to Kaseya is:

  1. Aligning our business model 100% with our customer's business model -- i.e. Our customers ONLY pay Kaseya when they generate revenue with our products -- so there is perfect alignment between their success and ours.  Unlike companies like Connectiwse and others who charge substantial fees for their products and those fees are NOT correlated with how well the MSP is doing.  The Majority of Connectwise revenue is NOT directly associated with delivering an MSP’s managed service.
  2. Expanding the openness and inter-operability of our solution with ALL vendors’ products, including our competitors’ products, for the benefit of the customer.  Unlike competitors such as ConnectWise (and others), who are trying to lock their customer base into a dead-end closed PSA/RMM solution, we announced and shipped a new PSA/RMM integration module that enables Kaseya VSA customers to integrate with all of our competitor's PSAs as well as or better than their own RMMs do -- and we're committed to continuing this.  Contrast this with ConnectWise who recently EOL'd their Kaseya integration module.  This is done IN SPITE of Kaseya owning and offering a superior PSA solution to the market at a fraction of the price.
  3. Providing a superior value proposition with a PSA that is focused only on MSPs.  Instead of unbundling and charging a premium for each bit of functionality (quoting, remote control, marketing, etc.) as ConnectWise does to maximize the money extracted from their customers -- Kaseya has optimized our PSA to include everything a MSP needs and nothing they don't at one low price. 

Our mission for our customers is broader than a "suite of solutions that run their businesses" -- it's about being a true partner that helps them grow their revenues AND margins and remain relevant to their customers -- and being the partner that fully aligns their business model with their customers to help them free the capital required to fund their growth.

-- Fred Voccola

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