Atera Releases AllinOne RMM PSA Remote Connection Platform

Atera's new solution for MSPs combines remote monitoring and management, professional services automation and remote connections into a single platform.

Atera Releases All-in-One RMM, PSA and Remote Connection Platform

The company aims to reduce costs for managed service providers by combining the features into a single, easy-to-use SaaS solution.

Atera, developer of IT software for managed services providers (MSPs), today announced the official release of a new solution that combines remote monitoring and management (RMM), professional services automation (PSA) and remote connections into a single platform.

The all-in-one solution is delivered as software as a service through Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, and features a flat-fee pricing model for MSPs.

Atera aims to substantially reduce costs for MSPs by eliminating the need to purchase three types of complex and expensive software, and instead combining the applications into a single, easy-to-use solution.

“The new innovative features added to our all-in-one IT managed services platform make it even easier for MSPs to grow their businesses, while saving time and money with Atera,” CEO Gil Pekelman said.

“We believe these key features are game-changing for MSPs seeking to improve operational efficiency and scale their businesses, while improving profitability,” he said. “Atera’s platform fully integrates business-process automation, customer service, RMM information and business analytics, which truly sets it apart in the marketplace.”

Among the platform’s features:

  • PowerShell scripting task automation and configuration framework from Microsoft, enabling administrators to perform tasks on both local and remote Windows systems
  • Monthly client reports that provide information about activity and the state of the network
  • Zapier integration, making it easier to automate tasks between web apps
  • Citrix GoToAssist integration, providing a single source for initiating remote support sessions and viewing support details, allowing for easy auditing of the support experience
  • Check Point Firewall integration, for end-to-end security protection.

The Tel-Aviv-based company’s pricing model includes three tiers: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

At the professional level, MSPs can pay $89 per month, with no up-front fee or long-term commitment, and use the solution for an unlimited number of customers and endpoints.

Atera is offering 30-day free trials. To get started, an MSP need only visit the company’s site, enter credit card payment information and begin using the service.

“There’s no need for a consulting team to set it up for you,” Pekelman said. “It’s very simple.”

The SaaS delivery allows MSPs to use the technology from any device.

Taken together, Pekelman said, the combined technologies, ease of use and low, simple pricing makes Atera’s solution a unique offering.

“I can say, from our perspective … this is totally disruptive,” he said.


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