Open Letter From ConnectWise to Kaseya

Open Letter From ConnectWise to Kaseya

ConnectWise Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Adam Slutskin calls on Kaseya to tone down rhetoric over the firms' PSA solutions for the greater good of the IT service provider community.

Over the recent months, Kaseya has taken to verbally attacking us and making bold statements that are not accurate. This is unfortunate as we do share many partners, and these partners rely on us to provide solutions that they truly require to run their businesses.

ConnectWise has always been about its community’s wellbeing; we have always put their success first. It is our #1 core value that every ConnectWise colleague is committed to. And our suite of integrated solutions that include ConnectWise, LabTech, Quosal & ScreenConnect help our partners maintain operational control of their business & create efficiencies that allow them to be very profitable – and deliver a fantastic experience to their clients.

In regards to your comments about the importance of a PSA: I think you need to get close to the community that ConnectWise and Kaseya both service and support. When your comments come up, even in casual conversation with mutual partners, these partners have strongly disagreed with your assessments.

I do agree it is not about point solutions; it is about a suite of solutions that our partners leverage to run their businesses that support so many small and medium businesses across the globe. We at ConnectWise are very proud of the suite we have worked very hard to perfect the last 7 years. You are beginning the journey of building a true suite. You will learn much as you progress in perfecting yours. And the community as a whole will benefit as it will make all of us better. And the IT service provider community will choose the path that best meets their company’s needs.

In the meantime, I think it is imperative that we eliminate the fist pumping rhetoric and focus on the wellbeing of the IT service provider community. We are obligated and indebted to them.


Adam Slutskin

EVP & Chief Revenue Officer


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