Data Sheds Light on MSPs Favorite Vendors

Roughly 16 percent of companies in last year’s MSPmentor 501 list of top IT service providers reported using Rackspace as their hosted exchanged provider. 

Data Sheds Light on MSP’s Favorite Vendors

Among companies that made last year’s MSPmentor 501 list of top managed service providers, Webroot was the preferred endpoint protection technology, while Amazon’s S3 narrowly edged eFolder for most popular storage. 

All vendors are not created equal.

The annual MSPmentor 501 list and rankings offers a glimpse into which companies are winning the horserace for the confidence and loyalty of top managed service providers (MSPs).

Observing shifts in that market dominance can be among the more interesting aspects of each year’s new results.  

Following are a few findings from the 2016 MSPmentor 501 survey data that speak to which vendors were deemed most in favor by participating IT services providers last year:

  • The overwhelming majority of MSP 501 companies (82 percent) sold Microsoft Office 365 as their main productivity suite, while just 15 percent sold Google Apps.
  • Among hosted exchange providers, Intermedia was in use by the largest share of the companies (20 percent). Rackspace came in second, favored by 16 percent of the MSP 501.
  • Webroot was the endpoint protection choice of a solid 30 percent of the 2016 MSP 501 companies. The next most prominent endpoint security player, McAfee, was patronized by 15 percent.
  • Amazon Web Service’s Simple Storage Service (S3) was the preferred storage solution for 18 percent of those top companies, followed closely by eFolder at 17 percent.
  • Nearly one-in-five of last year’s MSP 501 participants (19 percent) reported an affiliation with Gary Pica’s TruMethods consultancy.
  • Another business improvement program, HTG peer groups, was cited by 15 percent of the companies.

Beyond vendor trends, each year’s MSPmentor 501 offers a host of other intriguing insights:

  • The 2016 list – which is based on data from 2015 performance – showed that 68 percent of those high-performing MSPs do at least some work in the legal vertical.
  • Roughly eight in 10 of those growing MSPs said they target clients with 100 to 999 employees.

There’s still time to be counted among the world’s best MSPs. 

This year’s MSPmentor survey entry period is open until May 1, 2017 at


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