2018 MSP 501 Survey

2018 MSP 501 Survey

Welcome to the 2018 MSP 501!

To apply for the MSP 501, click here.

To access a PDF of the survey, click the Download button at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I save my progress and return to finish later?
    The survey platform defaults to "save." As long as the applicant has cookies enabled, the user can come back at a later time to complete the survey/form.

  • Can I edit my answers?
    Applicants can back up in the survey and adjust data as needed before clicking on the Submit button.

  • Will I receive a copy of my answers?
    Upon submittal, applicants will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided that contains a PDF copy of their responses.

  • What do you need for revenue verification?
    We require a letter of verification from a financial professional (CPA, CFO, accounting manager, etc.) attesting to the veracity of applicants’ self-reported numbers. 

  • What if I have technical difficulties?
    For help troubleshooting your application, please email Kris Blackmon at [email protected]. She will work with the Informa data team to ensure your application is complete and that you receive a copy of your answers in a PDF form so you can make sure your information is accurate.

  • When does the survey close?
    The 2018 MSP 501 will close for applications at 11:59pm on Thursday, May 31.

  • When will the winners be announced?
    Winners will be announced on Channel Futures on June 26, 2018. They will be honored at a special MSP 501 Gala at Channel Partners Evolution on October 9-12 in Philadelphia.

    Visit the MSP 501 homepage for FAQs and more information on the survey, including a downloadable PDF, important dates, and application tips: http://www.channelfutures.com/msp-501