Dell Software President John Swainson said the company is ready to provide complete solutions to its customers

Dell Software President John Swainson said the company is ready to provide complete solutions to its customers.

Dell Tackles BYOD, Restructures Channel Program

Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) today unveiled a new portfolio of solutions for managing mobile devices, along with enhancements to its PartnerDirect channel program, before a couple of breakout sessions at the company's The Power to Do More—Accelerating Results event in San Francisco.

Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) today unveiled a new portfolio of mobility solutions, along with enhancements to its PartnerDirect channel program in conjunction with the company's  The Power to Do More—Accelerating Results event in San Francisco. Is there a play here for MSPs? Here are the details.

A Dell spokesperson confirmed that the solution's management layer offers a multi-tenant hosted option (delivered by the Cloud Client Manager). Dell is still in the process of creating a partner model for the service. "We are working through various routes to market with partners including managed services providers (MSPs)," she said.

Dell's mobility solutions are designed to provide a roadmap for customers on how a combination of devices, network access, enterprise workspace, and professional services from Dell can be used to support the management of devices.

Dell Mobility Solutions accommodates COPE and BYOD

MSPmentor has covered the benefits of COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) and BYOD (bring your own device) many times. Now Dell is jumping in with management strategies for both these, creating solutions that can be configured to work together as part of a complete turnkey offering.

According to the company, Dell Mobility Solutions help meet the following customer needs:

  • Enable mobile access and applications -- Enables secure access to enterprise applications and data from employees’ personally owned devices with minimal impact;
  • Transformation to cloud -- Securely incorporates cloud computing and cloud-based services into mobile applications;
  • Secure network access extensions -- Provides secure network access from any location, on campus or remote;
  • Modernize applications -- Enables new and existing business applications to be extended to a variety of end-user devices while offering an improved user experience that can maintain or improve performance and availability.

"Dell is uniquely positioned to deliver highly differentiated, complete solutions—from clients to cloud and everything in between—that remove the barriers created by legacy technologies while empowering customers and partners to unlock new business opportunities,” said Dell Software President John Swainson in a prepared statement. "Software is the catalyst to modernizing today’s IT environments, enabling organizations to do more and achieve greater business results."

Dell Software Enhances Endpoint Security 

In addition, Dell Software also released new endpoint security enhancements Dell KACE management appliances and Dell Quest user workspace solutions, along with Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager, to aid with the protection of corporate data regardless of operationg system (OS) or device.

These new enhancements include the following:

  • KACE K1000 Management Appliance -- Designed to improve patch management with support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012, expanded patch coverage and improved patch availability timelines;
  • KACE 3000 Mobile Management Appliance -- Now generally available, the KACE 3000 appliance extends established systems management to smartphones and tablets;
  • Dell Wyse Client Cloud Manager -- This latest release offers enhanced enterprise connectors and integration to Active Directory for automated user management and single sign-on capability. Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager also includes enhanced mobile application management and integration to Dell Wyse Pocket cloud for managed remote access to corporate apps and data;
  • Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP|E) -- A new cloud edition further expands Dell’s ability to secure data at the corporate edge—from endpoint to mobile and now cloud—enabling high levels of PC security; and
  • Dell Networking W-Series ClearPass -- The latest version of Dell’s ClearPass, a highly integrated access management solution for managing BYOD, connects to existing networks to manage policies, securely onboard devices, admit guest users, display device usage and perform health assessments. ClearPass allows customers to run one network for both guests and employees while maintaining appropriate security and service levels without requiring manual IT intervention.

Exchange and Active Directory 

Dell Software released its updated versions of Migration Manager for Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)  Exchange and Migration Manager for Active Directory to assist with mitigating the risk of migrating, consolidating or restructuring Microsoft environments, the company said.

Toad Business Intelligence Suite 2.0

Dell updated its Toad Business Intelligence Suite to further facilitate self-service business intelligence across data environments. In related news, Dell Services announced Flexible WorkStyle Consulting to help customers embrace increasingly mobile work environments. Dell Services also announced the Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite to assist customers in achieving the highest levels of performance and productivity for critical systems.

Dell PartnerDirect Program Restructured

Dell also tweaked its PartnerDirect Program into a single program to support these new offerings, adding software and end-to-end solutions to the mix. Revenue thresholds have been set for these new areas. 

The company also created new software-related competencies with multiple learning paths for security, systems management, data protection, and information management, due to be launched in the fall.

Dell released its upgraded version of Toad Business Intelligence Suite to assist with self-service business intelligence across data environments. Dell also announced Flexible WorkStyle Consulting and Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite.

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