BYOD: What Types of Employees Use Their Personal Devices at Work?

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is quickly becoming "the new norm," according to CompTIA's "Third Annual Trends in Enterprise Mobility" study of 400 U.S. business and IT executives.

CompTIA found 55 percent of U.S. firms have implemented some form of BYOD, and the majority of these companies are still providing some devices while also allowing employees to supply their own.

"The new norm is quickly becoming one employee, three devices," Seth Robinson, CompTIA's director of technology analysis, said in a prepared statement. "PCs, smartphones and tablets will all remain major components in the workplace for some time."

As "the new norm," BYOD could become more popular in companies worldwide, but what types of employees will use (or are already using) their personal devices at work?

Here's a closer look at five BYOD worker types.

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