Samsung Launches Galaxy Tablet, Smartphone Business Marketing Push

Samsung Launches Galaxy Tablet, Smartphone Business Marketing Push

Samsung's Galaxy tablets and smartphones are strong in the consumer market. Now, the Samsung New Business Experience marketing push will seek to engage B2B customers.

So you think Samsung Electronics America is just a consumer brand? Guess again. Samsung has launched a B2B branding initiative to promote its laptops, Galaxy tablets, smartphones and management software into business accounts. For channel partners, the key opportunities could involve BYOD, mobile device management, vertical market applications and plenty more.

According to a prepared statement, the campaign will Samsung's "commitment to innovation and business experiences in a number of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and SMB markets. The campaign, called the "New Business Experience," leverages the company's popularity among consumers and shows its technology solving everyday challenges in a seamless fashion for the enterprise."

Samsung hinted that the campaign will put the spotlight on the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. The company said: "As more professionals are investing their own resources to purchase and use a broad range of consumer technologies in the enterprise, the demand has increased for the same level of experience they receive from their personal technology devices."

The campaign kicks off across nine markets, including the U.S., portions of Europe, Asia and more. 

From Consumer to Corporate IT

Samsung's move shows how the IT pendulum has swung from IT out to the consumer market and now back to corporate IT. As the tablet and smartphone markets potentially reach saturation points, consumer companies like Samsung will go hunting for more dollars in the corporate market.

Already, Samsung has rebranded its Windows PCs and launched KNOX to help businesses manage BYOD.

That spells opportunity for channel partners. Perhaps more than any other hardware provider, Samsung has maintained a vendor-neutral software stance -- promoting Windows, Google Android and Chrome OS on various devices. It's safe to expect Samsung to back its B2B branding campaign with a channel push as well...

The VAR Guy wonders: Will Samsung's corporate push inspire Apple to get more corporate as well? Hmmm...

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