Microsoft Surface RT Tablet, Free Touch Cover? No Thanks

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet, Free Touch Cover? No Thanks

Microsoft Surface RT buyers can receive a free Touch or Type cover. Still missing from the tablet bundle: A Microsoft (MSFT) Surface channel partner program.

Buy a Microsoft (MSFT) Surface RT tablet and you'll receive a free touch keyboard -- known as the Touch or Type cover. Instead of opening his wallet for this special offer, The VAR Guy will politely open his mouth and call on Microsoft to launch a Surface channel partner program in time for Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 (WPC2013) in July. 

For those who somehow overlooked the tablet wars between Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Surface, the story is a pretty short one:

  • Apple's dominance seems to be weakening;
  • Samsung seems to be the hardware company to watch across smartphone, tablet and notebook designs.
  • Microsoft is the dark horse. Surface Pro sounds like it's off to a nice start -- The VAR Guy sees many of the devices at IT conferences. But Surface RT, the lower-end offering, is a poor step child.

Not even a free Surface RT Touch or Type cover (just in time for Father's Day) will tempt our resident blogger. But a Surface channel partner program just in time for Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2013? Now that would impress our resident blogger...

Oh, and for those who are tempted to buy Surface RT, the free cover offer expires June 30 and  has certain restrictions.

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