eFolder has released a new version of its Anchor file sync and share software platform

eFolder has released a new version of its Anchor file sync and share software platform.

eFolder's Anchor 2.0: What Does the New Release Mean for MSPs?

eFolder yesterday unveiled a new version of its file sync and share software platform. Here's a complete breakdown of Anchor version 2.0.

eFolder has released a new version of its Anchor cloud-based file sync and share platform for managed service providers. The release marks the first major revision since eFolder acquired the MSP-centric Anchor in September 2013. Here are the details.

Anchor version 2.0 includes file locking capabilities that enable MSPs and their customers to lock files or folders for as long as they choose and prevent users from simultaneously changing the contents of a file or folder.

The platform's file locking capabilities also allow MSPs to disseminate files and folders that are intended for read-only use.

"This is a highly anticipated release because it delivers file locking, our most requested feature to date," Pierre Tapia, eFolder's vice president of product, said in a prepared statement. "The growth of our partner base has accelerated expectations of the product and this release is a testament to our team's ability to meet these new demands."

Tapia pointed out Anchor 2.0 contains "a host of additional architectural improvements" that allow MSPs to collaborate and innovate.

The platform's features include:

  • Agent health reports - MSPs can get an up-to-date listing of machines and their statuses.
  • Daily Email Digest updates - Users can get instant notifications about files and folders that have been updated.
  • Individual Shares filter - This filter allows administrators to view which files/folders users have shared and whom have accessed these files/folders.
  • Revision rollback - This feature allows users to roll back all files within an entire root or folder to their revision before a specific date.
  • Windows Phone app - Anchor 2.0 now includes a Windows Phone (Windows 8) mobile app.

"With the new features in Anchor 2.0, partners now have an even larger addressable market for the product and will now be able to empower clients with a richer and more agile collaboration experience," said Ted Hulsy, eFolder's vice president of marketing.

Anchor 2.0 is available on Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and on the Web, and can be delivered through private or public clouds.

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