Tenzing brings managed ecommerce hosting on the AWS infrastructure through the partnership with Amazon

Tenzing brings managed ecommerce hosting on the AWS infrastructure through the partnership with Amazon.

Tenzing, AWS Partner for E-commerce Managed Services Offering

Tenzing Managed IT Services has partnered with Amazon Web Services to deliver its managed services offering for e-commerce on top of the AWS infrastructure.

Tenzing Managed IT Services this week said it's now delivering its managed services offering for ecommerce on top of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

This partnership with Amazon's cloud computing platform enables Tenzing's retail customers to host websites on AWS that are managed by Tenzing, a Toronto, Ontario-based managed services provider (MSP).

The company said both merchants and system integrators (SIs) will benefit from this recently developed partnership.

Tenzing said the new offering provides merchants with the ability to address seasonal fluctuations in real-time, and offers support to ensure reliability, security and optimal performance.

For SIs, the partnership with AWS allows them to focus on growing and developing their customer base, while Tenzing manages the day-to-day operational aspects of their ecommerce projects running on AWS, the company said.

"Retailers have been looking for ways to leverage AWS, however they still want a fully managed hosting solution, so we decided to bring our managed services experience to AWS infrastructure and deliver the best of both worlds," Tenzing CEO Brian Shepard said in a prepared statement.

The offering combines the AWS infrastructure as a service and AWS services such as RDS, Elastic Cache, and Elastic Load Balancing. Available managed services include monitoring, patching, backups and OS administration and advanced managed services for site optimization, load testing, application performance monitoring and DoS mitigation.

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