Suaad Sait Executive Vice President of Products and Markets at SolarWinds

Suaad Sait, Executive Vice President of Products and Markets at SolarWinds

NetSuite Launches SolarWinds for Global IT Infrastructure Management

SolarWinds (SWI), parent company of N-able, is providing IT infrastructure management support for NetSuite's (N's) global IT operations, which serve more than 2,400 employees and support 25 locations worldwide.

NetSuite (N), a business management software provider, has deployed SolarWinds (SWI) for global IT infrastructure management. The NetSuite global IT infrastructure team launched the SolarWinds suite to support its applications, networks, security, servers and storage.

"I needed IT management software that would work hard so that we wouldn't have to and that would snap together without a huge upfront expense. That's when we turned to SolarWinds," Erik Cummings, NetSuite's Director of Global Information Technology, said in a prepared statement.

According to a press release, Cummings chose SolarWinds because he wanted an IT infrastructure management solution that would be cost-effective, require minimal training and could scale with NetSuite's growth. Cummings points out features in the SolarWinds suite that are compelling to NetSuite, including:

  • Capacity management
  • Global visibility
  • Notification management
  • Service availability

NetSuite has already used SolarWinds to reduce downtime. The companies provided a couple examples of how NetSuite recognized benefits SolarWinds almost immediately after deployment.

"We found two significant problems within disc layouts on our [Microsoft] Exchange servers. Aside from it being a business-critical service to our employees, we had just recently made significant architectural improvements to it, and if the service went down, it wouldn't have looked good," Cummings said in a statment. "With practically the click of a button, we were able to add a new Exchange server monitoring package and start defining and adding more services to it with ease."

Suaad Sait, executive vice president of products and markets at SolarWinds, said NetSuite can now spend more time focusing on global expansion thanks in part to its investment in SolarWinds.

"We understand that growing companies inherently face increasing challenges due to geographic expansion, broader tech requirements and greater numbers of employees and customers to support," Sait said in a prepared statement. "By implementing SolarWinds' integrated, globally scalable IT management solution, NetSuite was able to address their IT growing pains across networks, servers, applications and more, and instead focus on furthering their company's growth and expansion."

SolarWinds supports NetSuite's global IT operations, which include more than 2,400 employees and 25 locations worldwide. Going forward, Cummings said he anticipates SolarWinds will help his company thrive.

"Now that our systems monitoring and maintenance have been centralized, we will start to leverage our end-to-end visibility by prioritizing and focusing efforts to understand which pieces are in danger, which pieces are beginning to reach capacity and which pieces are fine to leave alone for a short while," Cummings said in a SolarWinds case study.

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