Sage North America has announced a new Sage Advisor Dashboard

Sage North America has announced a new Sage Advisor Dashboard.

Sage Unveils New Advisor Dashboard for Partners

The new Sage Advisor Dashboard is designed to provide partners with real-time customer data. Here's a complete breakdown of what this dashboard has to offer.

Sage North America, a business management software and services provider, has introduced the Sage Advisor Dashboard for Partners. According to a press release, the new Sage Advisor Dashboard captures real-time customer data.

The dashboard provides partners with information about how their customers are using their software, Sage said. In addition, it's designed to give partners more control over their business investments and help them make better business decisions.

"The Sage Advisor Dashboard follows our history of providing innovative tools," Donald Deshaies, Vice President of Channel Management for Sage North America, said in a prepared statement. "Our intent is to empower business partners to succeed at the changing business model of selling and delivering cloud-based services. And, with this new tool, we're incenting and encouraging our channel to strengthen their roles as business advisors."

With more than 3 million customers in the United States and Canada, Sage provides cloud and on-premise solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Sage claims that its new dashboard also allows partners to:

  • Create import and export links to integrate into their Sage customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Obtain support call history
  • Pull upcoming renewals

The dashboard's initial release will take place on April 28. More information about the Sage Advisor Dashboard is available in the Sage Partner Portal.

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