OpenDNS Chief Technology Officer Dan Hubbard

OpenDNS Chief Technology Officer Dan Hubbard

OpenDNS Cuts Through 'Security Noise,' Adds Umbrella Capabilities

OpenDNS has unveiled new Umbrella capabilities that are designed to give enterprises greater visibility into targeted attacks.

OpenDNS has unveiled new Umbrella capabilities to help protect enterprises against targeted attacks.

The company said it is providing enterprises with greater visibility into targeted attacks by allowing them to compare their traffic to activity on the OpenDNS Global Network.

These capabilities are designed to provide "security teams with the context and visibility needed to detect emerging, targeted attacks" and cut through the "security noise" generated by high-volume attacks, according to the company.

"Enterprises today are challenged to keep up with the volume of attacks that are targeting their networks," OpenDNS Chief Technology Officer Dan Hubbard said in a prepared statement. "The ability to determine the relevance and prevalence of an attack is key to prioritizing response, remediating infected hosts and understanding the scope of the threat."

OpenDNS also added predictive intelligence that provides details about the infrastructure of hackers' networks before they can launch an attack, allowing enterprises to preemptively block bad network connections.

Umbrella offers enterprises cloud-delivered malware protection and web filtering, and its features include:

  • OpenDNS Security Graph
  • The ability to block multi-protocol callbacks
  • 100 percent uptime

A complete breakdown of how the new Umbrella capabilities work is available here, and a free trial of the security service can be downloaded here

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