Friday's Last Word: Spanning CEO Jeff Erramouspe

Spanning CEO Jeff Erramouspe -- Who is he?

Spanning CEO Jeff Erramouspe wasn't always the CEO of a cloud-to-cloud backup company. Before being appointed CEO, Erramouspe served as chief revenue officer at Spanning, where he helped build a metrics-driven, content-based, technology-enabled marketing and sales process for the company. Prior to Spanning, Erramouspe was the president of Manticore Technology, a SaaS-based marketing automation solutions provider.

He has more than 20 years of marketing and general management experience in both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 technology companies.

What's Spanning's plan for 2014?

Erramouspe plans to double the number of employees this year as the company expands the SaaS applications it supports. Spanning will also continue to enhance its partner and reseller programs as the channel is imperative to the company’s growth.

What is Friday's Last Word?

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