Friday's Last Word: Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta

Friday's Last Word: Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta — Who exactly is he?

Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta became president and CEO of the IT management cloud company in June 2013. Prior to Kaseya, Gupta was president and CEO of FatWire Software, which was acquired by Oracle (ORCL) in 2011, for more than five years. He spent most of his professional career at CA Technologies (CA), where he held several leadership positions.

What are his plans for Kaseya?

"We will continue to invest and innovate in our core product, as well as continue to expand our offerings to meet the needs of the MSP and mid-size company market," he says. "We are hiring and will continue to strengthen and expand our organization, on the technology team and on the go-to-market teams."

Who does Gupta challenge to sit in the hot seat?

Brian Halligan, CEO at HubSpot.

What is "Friday's Last Word"?

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