Jason Nolet senior vice president of Brocadersquos Switching Routing and Analytics Products Group

Jason Nolet, senior vice president of Brocade’s Switching, Routing, and Analytics Products Group

Brocade Launches Network Visibility Suite, Partner Ecosystem for Mobile

Brocade's Network Visibility suite and partner ecosystem offer mobile network operators insight into what they need for a modern and open infrastructure.

With the rapid growth of 4G/LTE and the impending release of 5G networks, mobile network operators are struggling to keep pace with customer demands for networks capable of handing increased traffic. These mobile operators must also balance the cost of doing business with the need to expand their infrastructure, making it more difficult than ever to profit from both traditional voice services and newer services such as video.

Brocade (BRCD) is looking to help mobile network operators gain greater visibility into their network traffic so they can modernize their infrastructures with the launch of its suite of Network Visibility solutions and a new partner ecosystem.

The suite is centered around an open and software-centric architecture that is expected to help mobile operators increase their overall network agility. Brocade said its new solutions will allow operators to support the constant data growth and capacity demands of 4G/LTE, while preparing them to tackle 5G mobile networks. Switching to an open and software-centric architecture will be critical if mobile network operators hope to retain visibility for the latest generation of mobile networks, according to the company.

“Through the Brocade Network Visibility product family, Brocade is now empowering mobile network operators to optimize their visibility and analytics environments in ways they were unable to before,” said Jason Nolet, senior vice president of Brocade’s Switching, Routing, and Analytics Products Group, in a statement. “The network visibility approach we deliver alleviates the challenges of operating a diverse visibility environment, and brings a software-enabled infrastructure and open architecture to the forefront of mobile operator visibility networks.”

In addition to its new product suite, the Brocade Network Visibility partner ecosystem will seek to help mobile operators accelerate their adoption of the new network infrastructure solutions and drive innovation. The program launched with three initial partners, including Viavi, Guavus and Avvassi, according to the announcement.

Partners will be tasked with providing mobile operators with greater choice and value through the implementation of “best-in-class solutions and third-party interoperability at every layer of the visibility infrastructure.”

Straight from the press release, a full list of the software-enabled program features and benefits includes:

  • A scale-out, dynamic architecture supporting up to 100 million subscribers per packet core
  • Real-time programmability of network packet brokers to optimize traffic sent to probes and analytics applications
  • SDN programmability of the packet network to influence network behavior based on improved visibility and analytics
  • Virtual packet brokers and virtual packet probes to deliver capacity on demand
  • Single-pane-of-glass management across physical and virtual visibility infrastructures

Brocade will also offer solutions to foster open infrastructure, including open APIs at each layer of the visibility infrastructure to support multivendor deployments.

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