Neela Jacques executive director OpenDaylight Project

Neela Jacques, executive director OpenDaylight Project

OpenDaylight: Pros Look to SDN to Solve Multiple Challenges

A report released by the OpenDaylight Project shows that networking professionals expect software-defined networking (SDN) to solve multiple challenges they're currently facing.

The software-defined networking (SDN)-focused OpenDaylight Project released the results of a survey regarding SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV) that shows not only a strong bias toward open source SDN and NFV, but also an expectation that SDN will solve multiple challenges.

The open source organization certainly has a bias or two regarding openness of SDN, but its survey found that 95 percent of networking professionals want open source in SDN and NFV solutions. According to OpenDaylight, open source SDN and NFV represents greater choice, more functionality and interoperability, as well as lower costs. The report also showed that 76 percent of respondents prefer to consume open source through commercial suppliers.

But the SDN story is a complicated one. SDN promises a huge shift in networking technologies, and networking professionals expect a lot from the technology. According to the survey's results, the top four concerns networking professionals have that they think SDN can help solve are security (cited by 72 percent), network utilization (64 percent), network deployment and management (62 percent) and network operating expense (61 percent).

And as some have been expecting, this year could very well be the year of SDN. According to the survey, more than half of respondents intend to deploy SDN and NFV technologies in 2014, and 97 percent will do so by 2015. As OpenDaylight noted, networking professionals have an aggressive time for the deployment of SDN and NFV.

"As SDN moves from theory to practice, one thing is clear: networking pros want SDN now and are looking at open source to make it attainable," said Neela Jacques, executive director of the OpenDaylight Project, in a prepared statement. "It's great to see users demanding openness and interoperability in the solutions they're looking to consume. They believe SDN can fix their toughest challenges and that open source can help them experience the benefits faster."

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