Adam Famularo to Head ERwin as Data Modeling Software Spins Off from CA

Adam Famularo to Head ERwin as Data Modeling Software Spins Off from CA

Longtime channel exec leads acquisition of the ERwin asset and plans expansion through partnerships, acquisitions

Parallax Capital Partners announced today that it has bought data modeling software ERwin from CA Technologies, creating a standalone entity called ERwin, Inc. Channel veteran Adam Famularo, who led sales of the ERwin platform at CA, will head the new company.

Parallax’s ultimate play is to build out a holistic data software company. The ERwin asset will serve as the foundation and starting point, but Parallax is actively looking to acquire several other companies and establish strategic partnerships to expand their offerings to include end-to-end data management solutions.

The ERwin technology gives database administrators a tool to show others the application they’re going to build before they build it. Famularo compares it to the model an architect might make before starting construction on a house. “He would actually develop a model, and you could then see the model, touch the model, move things around in the model form before he or she then turned it into an actual house. That’s the same thing that ERwin does for databases that ultimately will turn into a built application.”

ERwin, Inc.’s current product lineup is focused on data modeling. Famularo and Parallax are looking to partner with and buy other companies with solutions that will build out a complete data management offering. All of ERwin’s products today are sold exclusively through the channel, and Famularo says that will be the case for any technologies they partner with or acquire in the future.

For ERwin customers, this is nothing new. The software has always been 100 percent driven through the channel; Famularo credits the channel-only model with much of ERwin’s success.

“[P]art of the reason ERwin has continued to be the industry leader from a database modeling standpoint has been due to the fact that we have such a strong channel base that represents us,” he says. Having a history of partners that have built businesses around ERwin’s technology has kept the asset competitive. It’s only natural that Famularo would look to continue that model. “For me it’s a no-brainer, it’s a logical next step.”

Famularo has spent most of his career in the IT channel. During his 16 years at CA, he was a channel sales leader before he became the general manager for the data modeling business unit. He left CA to lead global channel sales at Verizon Enterprise Solutions nearly two years ago, where he grew new product sales and built a full channel structural model.

“My core underpinnings are everything channels, and outside of that is around technology,” he says. “I’m a technologist. I love building and developing new technologies and working in areas that are definitely gamechanging for the overall IT industry.”

“Adam Famularo taking the helm of ERwin, Inc. after its acquisition by Parallax is a one- two punch of success,” says Bob Venero, CEO of Long Island-based solution provider Future Tech. “Adam knows how to build great businesses and leverage channel partners to drive success to his company, his partners and our mutual customers. No doubt Adam will turn ERwin, Inc. into a channel-centric powerhouse.”

Famularo says ERwin wants to help its current partners build their businesses, but he also wants to lead a big push for net new partners looking to provide big database solutions, data management strategy and application development capabilities.

“There’s no better way to get into this space than to start with an industry leader,” he says. “You have a company that’s 100% dedicated to data management, that has the flagship industry leading technology and provides a complete leadership team to channel in everything that we do.”

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