Lenovo Accelerate: Lots to Discuss

Lenovo Accelerate: Lots to Discuss

Lenovo Accelerate is under way in Las Vegas. Can Lenovo keep up the momentum with its channel partners?

Lenovo’s annual Accelerate 2013 partner event is this week in (you guessed it) Las Vegas, and I’m about to board my flight to join up with Chris Frey and the Gang. Lenovo is riding hight on some serious momentum in the PC space, thanks in large part to its channel partners (and some pretty nifty hardware).

So before I begin my latest (and hopefully last for a long while) sojourn to Sin City, here’s what I’ll be looking out for (and questions I hope to get answered):

  1. Let’s talk servers. It’s the worst-kept secret in the industry right now that Lenovo is courting IBM for its xSeries line, and with Lenovo’s emphasis starting last year on hitting the server space hard, what’s the roadmap?
  2. What’s new for the channel? Forward movement has been a constant with Lenovo and its channel partners (the quarterly numbers prove that), so what does Lenovo have in mind for its channel to keep the momentum going?
  3. New technologies? New areas? Last year the emphasis was on servers (see point No. 1), so does 2013 hold an equally brilliant strategy?
  4. Why don’t the ThinkPad Twist batteries hold a charge? My husband can’t get from New York to Las Vegas without his Twist losing battery power. It punks out after three hours if   it’s connected to wi-fi. Seems like it should hold a better charge. Can you guys work on that, please? I’m tired of hearing the complaints.

During the event I have chats set up with Frey (North America channel chief), Jay Parker (president, Lenovo North America) and Sammy Kinlaw (executive director of Channel Sales for U.S. Caribbean and Central America), so I’d place a bet that I’ll be able to get all my questions answered. And you know me, I’m not a betting gal.

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