Enterasys Partner Conference: 3 Things On My Mind

Enterasys Partner Conference: 3 Things On My Mind

It's a safe bet Enterasys' acquisition by Extreme Networks will be a hot topic at the Enterasys 2013 North American Partner Conference this week in Ft. Myers, Fla.

Enterasys is set to kick off its annual North America Partner Conference this week in sunny Ft. Myers, Fla., a locale that is—thank goodness—not Las Vegas. As the company’s acquisition by Extreme Networks looms in the background, what will be the tenor of the event and, more importantly, what will be the mood of Enterasys’ channel partners?

For sure, there will be lots of talk at the event about the impending acquisition, as well as recent moves by the company to offer a cloud-based wi-fi service as a managed services offering. I’m sure there will be other announcements at the event, but here’s what this inquiring mind wants to know:

  1. What does its acquisition mean? Extreme Networks is a solid company with some complementary technology to Enterasys’. How will the two companies combine technologies and, more importantly, how will the partner programs of each company be impacted?
  2. What do Enterasys’ channel partners think of the acquisition? You can be sure I’ll be checking the pulse—and mood—of partners at the event to get a feel for whether they think the acquisition is a good move or not. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of, “We’ll have to wait and see” answers. Which is valid.
  3. What new technologies/channel programs are coming down the pipe? Hopefully the timing of the acquisition won’t stem the flow of new offerings. I'm looking for news about OneFabric, IdentiFi and Enterasys' BYOD Done Right technologies.
  4. Why Ft. Myers? Consider this a bonus question Just checking to see if you’re paying attention.

For now, I’m hoping for warm weather and no rain, two things Las Vegas pretty much always delivered. But you can’t see the ocean from your hotel room in Vegas, so even if it rains I’ll consider Ft. Myers a winning locale. Hopefully Enterasys’ partners feel the same way, and not just about the location.

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