75 Channel Partner Events and Channel Conferences for 2011

75 Channel Partner Events and Channel Conferences for 2011

The VAR Guy is nearly done with business travel for 2010. Is it time to for our resident frequent flier to kick back and relax? Hardly. Here's a list of 75 different channel partner conferences and events in 2011. For the most part each conference is designed for VARs and/or managed services providers -- though a few focus more on ISVs (independent software vendors). Take a look.

Before you jump into the list please note:

  • Disclaimer: Some dates and locations are known. Some are unknown. Dates and locations could be subject to change. Check in with the event host.
  • Help Wanted: If you're aware of additional events that may be worth tracking please post a comment
  • Local Distractions: If you love a specific restaurant, hotel, bar or theme park in a host city... please post a comment.
  • Bonus: The VAR Guy avoided the temptation to turn this into a lame, sleep-inducing 76-page slide show. Imagine that: All the content you need on a SINGLE web page that really serves readers. How unique.
Based on  reader feedback The VAR Guy will publish a list of additional events plus preferred destinations and distractions in each host city. It's safe to expect that updated blog entry sometime in December 2010.

Let's Get Started

Now, here's the list of 75 channel partner summits, events and conference for 2011...
  1. January 19-20: Pentaho Global Partner Summit, San Francisco
  2. Jan. 24-25: Accela Partner Summit, Lake Tahoe
  3. Jan. 30-Feb. 3: Lotusphere, Orlando
  4. Feb. 2-4: Digium AsteriskWorld, Miami Beach
  5. Feb. 3-6: Kaspersky Lab Americas Partner Conference 2011, Riviera Maya, Mexico
  6. Feb. 8-11: VMware Partner Exchange 2011, Orlando
  7. Feb. 14-18: RSA Conference, San Francisco
  8. Feb. 22-24: Parallels Summit, Orlando
  9. Feb. 27: IBM Tivoli Business Partner Summit at Pulse
  10. Feb. 28-March 3: Cisco Partner Summit, New Orleans
  11. March 6-9: Xchange Solution Provider 2011, Orlando
  12. March 7-10: CloudConnect, Santa Clara, Calif.
  13. March 13-15: Channel Partners Conference, Las Vegas
  14. March 20-24: Novell Brainshare, Salt Lake City, Utah
  15. April 1: The VAR Guy's Everything Else Channel-related, Honolulu
  16. April 3-6: QlikView Qonnections 2011 Global Partner Summit, Miami Beach
  17. April 4-6: SugarCon, San Francisco (links to 2010 event)
  18. April 9-14: Telepresence World, Las Vegas
  19. April 11-14: MySQL Conference and Expo, Santa Clara, Calif.
  20. May 1-3: Kaseya Connect 2011, Las Vegas
  21. May 3-6: Red Hat Summit, Boston
  22. May 10-11: Google I/O, San Francisco (link to 2010 event)
  23. May 16-19: Microsoft TechEd North America, Atlanta
  24. May 22-24: Autotask Community Live, Miami (link to 2010 event)
  25. May 22-26: viaVerio Partner Summit, Boca Raton, Fla.
  26. May 23-24: Citrix Partner Summit, San Francisco
  27. July 10-14: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Los Angeles
  28. July 10-13: Sage Summit, National Harbor, Md.
  29. July 25-29: OSCON Cloud Summit, Portland, Ore. (link to 2010 event)
  30. Aug. 1-4: CompTIA Breakaway, Washington DC
  31. Aug. 8-10: HostingCon, San Diego
  32. Aug. 29-Sept. 1: VMworld, Las Vegas (link to 2010 event)
  33. Sept. 21-22: Managed Services World Conference, Berlin, Germany
  34. Oct. 2-6: Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco
  35. Nov. 9-11: ConnectWise IT Nation, Orlando
  36. Nov. 13-17: CAWorld, Las Vegas
2011 Events... Checking Potential Dates and Locations...

  1. ASCII Reseller Success Summit: Multiple cities, multiple dates
  2. Asigra Partner Summit (link to 2010 event)
  3. Avaya Americas Partner Conference
  4. Avnet Technology Solutions/IBM Partner Summit
  5. Avnet Technology Solutions/Oracle Partner Summit
  6. Avnet Technology Solutions/Cisco Partner Summit
  7. Avnet Technology Solutions/HP Partner Summit
  8. Channel Management Summit
  9. Cisco Partner Velocity (link to 2010 event)
  10. EMC Partner Summit: Noticed a European partner summit in October 2010... Checking on North America for 2011
  11. F5 Networks Partner Summit
  12. HTG Peer Groups: Multiple events and locations
  13. HP Americas Partner Conference: Checking to see if it's held annually
  14. IBM PartnerWorld: Coming back for 2011?
  15. Ingram Micro Cloud Summit: Checking to see if Ingram will make the 2010 event an annual gathering
  16. Ingram Micro Seismic Partner Summit: Potentially Merging with Ingram Micro Cloud Summit? Hmmm...
  17. Ingram Micro VentureTech Network: Multiple events in multiple cities
  18. Intermedia Partner Summit: Sounds like it will be the week of March 14 in New York
  19. Juniper J-Partner Summit
  20. MSP University Boot Camps: Multiple stops
  21. MSPWorld: Multiple events in multiple cities, hosted by MSPAlliance
  22. McAfee Focus: Typically includes a global partner day. The VAR Guy will be watching to see if McAfee partner conference changes/evolves under Intel ownership.
  23. N-able Partner Summit
  24. NetApp Partner Summit (link to 2010 event)
  25. NetSuite SuiteCloud Partner Summit
  26. Nimsoft N-fluence (link to 2010 event)
  27. Open-Xchange Partner Summit
  28. Quest Partner Summit
  29. Rackspace Partner Leadership Summit
  30. Salesforce.com DreamForce Summit
  31. SAP Partner Summit: Typically held in the first half of the calendar year
  32. SAP Sapphire: A larger user conference that includes plenty of partners
  33. SMBNation Spring and SMB Nation Fall
  34. Spring Training for Business: From MSP coach Stuart Selbst
  35. Spiceworks Spiceworld
  36. Synnex Varnex
  37. Symantec Partner Engage
  38. Tech Data TechSelect: Multiple events
  39. Tigerpaw User Conference

Got Feedback?

Did The VAR Guy forget an event? Did he post an erroneous date or location? Don't flame our resident blogger. Instead, post a correction or all the key information in the comments area. Also, feel free to list your favorite restaurants, clubs and distractions in each city (without posting adult content... please).

In return for your contributions and recommendations The VAR Guy promises to post an updated list of 2011 events -- and local distractions -- sometime in December 2010. In the meantime... good luck sorting out your schedule.

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